What is the Internet Marketing Consultant Group?

About IMCG

Internet Marketing Consultant Group (IMCG) is, you guessed it, an internet marketing consultancy. We are a multi-service internet marketing company dedicated to increasing and improving our clients’ business & profitability through the strategic use of online marketing best practices and a market-leading team. Having worked with clients ranging from fortune 100 companies to mom and pop businesses, we are experts in defining your specific internet marketing goals and developing a strategic plan for you to execute upon. IMCG is also fully-equipped to help you with executing your new internet marketing plan. Our areas of expertise include: Contact us to set up an exploratory conversation about your online marketing needs and learn how IMCG can help your business!


Depending on your company’s need, IMCG has internet marketing consultants in every area of expertise. Our goal is to provide with you with an objective analysis of your specific area of need and give you a plan by which you can execute to success. We want to help you improve and thrive online. Success is achievable with hard work, wisdom, and a friendly hand. IMCG is here to help! Give us a call today for a free consultation & estimate.


At IMCG, we not only talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. Our teams of experts are prepared to provide you with industry leading execution in all aspects of internet marketing. From web designers to SEM experts, Brand Protector Pro compliance specialists & SEO analysts, IMCG has got you covered! Give us a call today for a free consultation & estimate.

Our Philosophy

Internet marketing is a diverse, complex, multi-faceted space that, with the right strategy, can be extremely profitable for your business. Gaining exposure, lead generation, market penetration, and customer demographics are just some of the many benefits of advertising online. Thankfully, the Internet Marketing Consultant Group (IMCG) has years of experience helping companies just like yours. Our 4-step strategy for online marketing success will catapult your business to market leading status:
  1. Investigate – Identify best practices, market leaders and proven strategies in your particular vertical
  2. Educate – Dissect and understand why each of the tactics/market leaders uncovered in step 1 are successful
  3. Emulate – Apply the learned strategies from step 2, creating a market-leading experience for your online customers
  4. Iterate – Regularly reassess competition & internet marketing best practices, incorporating/applying them to your online marketing strategy

Our Team

The Internet Marketing Consultant Group (IMCG) is comprised of experienced, award-winning online marketing professionals. Each team member is passionate and dedicated to being the best in their particular craft. At IMCG, we believe our work, helping business’s succeed, makes a difference in the world. We can’t wait to help you as well! Contact IMCG today for a free consultation!