What does Internet Marketing Consultant Group do?

Web Design

Simply put, web design is the organization, layout, navigation scheme, and visual structure of a website. Web design, however, is not web development. Web development is how a site works and web design is how it looks. The production of the look and feel of a site and all its visual elements include page layout, color scheme, typography, background and spot imagery, navigation, and more…

Web design requires integrating your internet marketing plan and branded identity while also building on search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and providing a good user-experience for your sites visitors. The design of your website will directly affect how your current and potential customers experience your company online. Needless to say, this is a pivotal piece of your company’s internet marketing presence.

IMCG Service


Does your companies website need a coherent, profitable strategy & design? IMCG consultants can help you assess your current strengths and weaknesses, long-term goals, and build the site you both want and need.


Launching a new website? Your site need a facelift or complete redesign? The  IMCG team can help design and build your new website. Our team has built sites for Fortune 100 companies and local businesses.

Whatever the design task, we have the experience you’re looking for!

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