What does Internet Marketing Consultant Group do?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A marketing tactic that utilizes pay-per-click advertisements and paid inclusion in search engine results. Search engine marketing (SEM) helps a business attract customers, generates brand awareness, and builds trust by increasing a website’s visibility. Proper SEM strategy includes keyword selection, competitive bidding and effective ad copy writing, which should be closely monitored and changed regularly for highest effectiveness. The major pay-per-click search engines are Google, Yahoo! & Bing, however, there are many other smaller, niche sites that may provide great value even if the volume is significantly less.

IMCG SEM Services


New to SEM? IMCG consulting can help develop a plan to effectively target your desired audience.

If you already are doing SEM, our consultants are experts at analyzing and optimizing existing SEM campaigns to increase volume, performance and profitability.


We have the staff to help you implement and manage new SEM campaigns. IMCG experts can build you a tailored SEM campaign across multiple engines and niche sites helping your company realize its potential online!

If your company would like IMCG to take over management of an existing SEM campaign(s), we can work with you to benchmark past performance and optimize through the implementation of best practices.

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Other IMCG Services: