What does Internet Marketing Consultant Group do?

Internet Marketing Strategy & Budget Allocation

Before a professional athletic team takes the field for competition, you can bet they have a strategy about how to win the game. Internet marketing should be viewed the same way. A marketing strategy is a plan that gives a company the ability to concentrate its limited budget on increasing sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

An internet marketing plan starts with market research, assessing needs, trends and competitors’ products. The internet marketing plan in action affects online advertising, promotion, distribution. An effective internet marketing strategy will provide direction for online marketing, sales and product/services made available in the coming season.

IMCG Service


IMCG consultants can strategize with you to develop an internet marketing plan, incorporating short & long-term company goals, and focusing the marketing budget on the efforts that have the greatest return on investment (ROI).


The IMCG team has the staff to help you execute on every aspect of your internet marketing plan. We are here to make internet marketing easy for your company.

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